The Vatican

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     The Vatican not only stands guilty for child abuse but also of logic-abuse-logicide-faith. It approves of miracles on the basis of faith-based fools. It let’s people think that the Shroud of Turin is authentic. It approves of long-discredited arguments for God. It approves of the authoritarianism of that cult-leader Yeshua.

   It however does good with its social emphasis for the Nanny Stae whilst approving of enforced-pregnancy.It blesses its clergy and other church leaders for being chaste .It approves of misogyny against women. It disapproves of those nuns who desire to be themselves.

  It proclaims the irrational notion that science can reconcile itself with religion whilst the Cooyne-Mayr-Lamberth teleonomic argument notes otherwise. It prattles about souls for humans. It prattles for the future state. It glorifies putative clairvoyant, telepathic God- how against physics they do err!

  It helps the poor whilst it could  do more by selling of its many millions worth of art and such.It hurts the poor with it pathological hate of family-planning.

 It glorifies such as Mother Dearest Teresa, that glorifier of pain for the sake ofYeshua!

 It stands accuded of all that fraud and harm to humanity! “Get rid of the infamy,” says Voltaire.

  What more accusations might one lay at its heart!

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